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Sweetwater West Hurricane Storm Debris
Posted on Nov 28, 2022

Sweetwater Residents:
Regrettably, after numerous discussions, Orange County has refused to pick up the Hurricane Storm Debris, even though this service has been provided for all Hurricanes prior to this year.  The reason given for their declination is "we don't service gated communities."  If you feel so inclined, please address your complaints to Mayor Jerry L. Demings of Orange County.
Because of their declination, your HOA Board has contracted with a service to remove the storm debris.
J&J Lawn & Tree Service will be picking up Hurricane Storm Debris on:
                        at 8:00 AM
Please insure that all storm debris is placed curbside prior to Thursday morning.  If debris is in any of the manholes in the area, it will need to be removed and placed curbside also. J&J WILL NOT remove debris from these structures.
Any storm debris that is not placed curbside, will be the homeowner's responsibility after Thursday.
Let's all work together to get this mess cleaned up.  Thanks for your help.
Bob Richcreek
SWW Board President


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