Architectural Code/Exterior Paint Colors

The purpose of the Architectural Review Board (ARB) is to uphold covenants and restrictions relating to home improvements in our neighborhood. It is responsible for maintaining some sort of cohesion in the color palette, peripheral structures, and overall look and feel of our community. Much of this is spelled out in black and white in our community documentation, but some of it is admittedly subjective and this is where the trouble typically arises. There isn’t a scenario where the old adage “There is no accounting for taste” is more applicable. The link below contains all the colors that are acceptable as house body, trim and door colors. The number on each color is a Sherwin Williams paint number, which can be matched and mixed by any paint or hardware store. Please indicate the Sherwin Williams paint number on your ARB form for all home painting requests.
The link below contains wood fence colors and vinyl fence colors.
The process for modifying your property is well defined and must begin with the submission of the ARB Approval Form. The ARB will review the request and will then issue an approval or rejection letter. If approved, residents are free to begin the work, however; if the request is denied, there are two courses of action for the homeowner. First, the homeowner may choose to select an alternative material, color, or whatever is applicable to the particular circumstances. Secondly, the homeowner may appeal the ARB decision to the HOA Board. The board shall review the ARB decision and either support or overturn it. The Board’s decision is the final word on the issue.
Please remember to fill out the ARB request for any exterior projects.