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>>>A Deed-Restricted Single-Family Home Gated Community in Central Florida<<<
HOMEOWNERS - Questions? Contact Ramona Leccese, Property Manager   or   407-788-6700  ext. 51406
EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 9, 2014, any home purchased after this date can only be purchased for single family home occupancy use by the new owner (ABSOLUTELY NO RENTALS). 
FOR REALTORS ONLY - need gate access to show "For Sale" inventory to prospective buyers?
Contact: Ramona Leccese, Property Manager at 407-788-6700 ext. 51406

Latest News
January Update
Posted on Jan 11, 2022
Dear Residents:
Happy New Year!!
The  Board had a busy 2021 and expects that 2022 will present new challenges as well. The restoration of the Welch Road wall and Wekiwa Springs Road entrance are completed. We  began a bi-monthly food truck event to bolster community spirit and finally the Septic to Sewer Conversion Project  is underway.
We understand that the Septic to Sewer Conversion is causing disruptions to the traffic flow (closing access to Northfield Drive) and limiting access to driveways in the immediate construction area, but the end result will be worth the inconvenience. Beginning this week, the contractor will be issuing weekly progress reports which will be sent out as an email blast and be also be posted on our website. Also, homeowners that are to be specifically affected by construction activities will be contacted in advance, so they can temporary relocate their cars to a designated parking area.
Adherence to the 25 mph speed limit continues to be a problem. We ask all residents and their guests to please adhere to the speed limit. Regretfully, this has not been the case. We have extended our agreement with the Orange County Sheriff to conduct periodic patrols to enforce all traffic ordinances. Just a reminder, as we all notice, there are many young children playing outdoors.
You may have noticed, construction on the Wekiwa State Park's entrance has begun this week. Hopefully, this will solve the severe traffic congestion that has plagued the area for years.
Please attend our virtual monthly Board meetings the second Thursday of the month @ 7:00 pm. Our annual meeting will be held in April. Email blasts and web postings will give log in information.
Bob Richcreek
SWW Board President
Sweetwater West Septic to Sewer Notary Event
Posted on Nov 15, 2021
Good afternoon,
Thank you all for reaching out in efforts to get your license agreement signed and notarized for the Wekiwa Septic2Sewer project in your community.
We will set up on Sweetwater West Circle at Northfield Drive (Welch Road exit currently closed for the construction) beginning at 5:00 p.m. Once you arrive, please pull over to the side of the street and we will come to your car and get everything completed.  You will need to be sure and bring a government-issues ID card, such as a Driver’s License. I have five property owners scheduled to attend and we estimate each car will take less than five minutes for the notary process.  We will stay until everyone is done! If something comes up and you won’t be able to attend, please let me know.
If you have your license agreement, you are welcome to complete the top portion and bring it with you.  I do have a list of parcel numbers and legal site numbers.  Please wait and sign in front of the notary. If you don’t have a copy of the agreement, don’t worry as I will have extras.
Thank you all again and please let me know if you have any questions.
Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, November 17.
Laurie Windham
Municipal Communications Program Manager
Bear Proof Garbage Cans for Purchase
Posted on Oct 16, 2021
Dear SWW Residents:
At last night's Board Meeting, the issue was raised again regarding the activity of Bears in our community getting into garbage containers, etc.
Please see the attached article from Commissioner Christine Moore.  She has arranged for bear proof garbage cans to be purchased for $50.00.  These cans normally sell for $245.00.
The article linked below details how they can be purchased at this reduced price.
SWW Board
PS: Commissioner Christine Moore's office has corrected the problem we have with the county's website, indicating we do not live in a bear management area.  The County has a glitch in their system.  When ordering the bear proof can, DO NOT LIST....Circle, Court, Street, etc.  For example,
                            20 Sweetwater West
                            20 Silver Valley 
                            20 Branch Hill
When putting in your address, it will bring up your property information and you will be able to place your order.
Flags Placed by Septic to Sewer Contractor
Posted on Oct 16, 2021
SWW Residents:
A question was raised at last night's Board meeting regarding identification flags placed on yards by the septic to sewer contractor.  
These flags mark underground cables and water piping.  If possible, please do not remove them.
If you have any questions, please call Bob Richcreek or Laurie Windham.  Thanks for your cooperation.
Septic Tank Retrofit Project Schedule
Posted on Oct 12, 2021
Dear SWW Residents:
Linked here is the latest update from Laurie Windham, the Public Information Officer for this project.  As you have undoubtedly seen, work has begun on the installation of the lift station. If you have not returned your license agreement yet, please sign and have it notarized and returned to Laurie as soon as possible.  Her information is listed on the attachment.
The project timeline is the contractor's best estimate.  We will be notified if there are any major changes to this project timeline.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation.  If you have any questions, please call me or Laurie.
Bob Richcreek
SWW Board President
Construction on the Septic to Sewer Project Underway
Posted on Sep 22, 2021
As you have probably seen, construction has begun on the Septic to Sewer project this week.  The contractor will close access to the Welch Road Gate and Northfield Drive on Thursday.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.  
Also, the construction project sign was placed just north of the Wekiva Road Main Entrance.
Orange County Sheriff Patrols in the Community
Posted on May 24, 2021
Dear Residents:
With some reluctance, the Board has reinstated the Orange County Sheriff Patrols in our Community. These Officers will be issuing citations to offenders. The Board has received additional complaints of speeding and ignoring stop signs.
We ask that all residents adhere to the 25 MPH speed limit and obey stop signs.  
Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.
Sweetwater West Under Construction: March Update
Posted on Mar 9, 2021
Dear Residents:
Your Board has been busy in the last months of 2020 and the first three months of 2021.  
You have doubtlessly noticed the new retaining wall, new plantings and the removal of dead pine and oak trees along Sweetwater Country Club Drive.  We have added rock at the end of several of the islands because mulch would wash away.  We also removed  the dead ear tree, adjacent to the Welch Road gate and the large diseased oak tree that had been struck by lightning behind Barnwood Circle. We also trimmed the trees along the Welch Road wall.
I hope you enjoyed our new Christmas decorations as well.
Our next project, expected to start this week, is the restoration and painting of the Welch Road wall and gates, the Wekiwa Road gates  and restoration of the Wekiwa Road Entrance walls and center column.  The community signs at the Wekiwa and Welch Road entrances will be also be replaced.
The curbs, gutters and sidewalks on Sweetwater Country Club Drive and Northfield Drive are also going to be pressure washed. 
Some of these projects  may cause a disruption to the traffic flow for a short period of time.  We apologize for any inconvenience.
Bob Richcreek
Referendum Passed
Posted on Dec 29, 2020
The septic-to-sewer project referendum passed with 155 yes votes. Construction on this $10.088-million project is scheduled to begin in June 2021. As previously announced, the homeowners contribution to the project is $6,000 per property. The next step in the project is the establishment of a MSBU (Municipal Service Benefit Unit). This determines how property owners pay the $6,000, either a single payment or over 10 years with payments added to their property tax bills.
Funding Approved for Septic to Sewer Conversion
Posted on Oct 16, 2020
Commissioner Christine Moore has announced funding for the septic to sewer project in Sweetwater West was approved (see below).
From: Commissioner Christine Moore
Subject:We have received funding from the Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection!
Good afternoon Sweetwater West residents. I have very good news to share!

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) leadership contacted me today to let me know they will provide $4.3 million for the septic-to-sewer conversion in your subdivision. This means we can proceed now with conversion, if you choose to vote in favor of doing so.

Some of you were here this past Tuesday at a friendly picket at the Orange County Administration Building urging the FDEP to provide the money. Your persistence and dedication worked. My office will be in touch very soon regarding the next step. Thank you again.

Christine Moore
Orange County Commissioner District 2



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