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EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 9, 2014, any home purchased after this date can only be purchased for single family home occupancy use by the new owner. Absolutely No Rentals.
Need gate access to show "For Sale" inventory to prospective buyers?
Contact: Contact Jo Ann Donaldson, Sr. Community Association Manager, jdonaldson@sentrymgt.com, 407-788-6700 Ext. 51222.

Latest News
Sweetwater West Construction Update
February 11, 2024
Work will be ongoing Monday through Friday. Paving is expected to take place throughout the neighborhood. Residents do not need to clean up the millings left after paving. The paving debris will be cleaned up by the construction crew.

Sod installation is still wrapping up. The watering truck continues to water the new sod.  Please remember to water your new sod. Sod typically takes 30 days to establish. Also, repairs as required are in process. Shrub and hardscape restoration has begun by addressing the oldest requests first. 

If you have a broken irrigation pipe, sprinkler head, or landscape/hardscape damage due to construction, please contact me and I will notify the contractor. Please feel free to follow up on the repair progress. Irrigation repairs by an irrigation specialist will not be reimbursed. If you have a high water bill resulting from a break due to construction, please reach out to me for an Orange County Utilities Leak Adjustment form.

As there was an unexpected delay in the installation of the requested irrigation meters, impacted customers will receive a credit on their account for the estimated usage during this delay. The credit will be calculated based on a three-month average consumption utilizing the new irrigation meter.

OCPS SCHOOL BUS ROUTE: Orange County Public Schools Transportation has designated one stop in the community at the corner of Sweetwater Country Club Drive and Sweetwater West Circle. To allow for school bus movement and visibility, please do not park near the bus stop. If needed the OCPS Transportation Area Manager Denise Delapaz in Apopka may be contacted at 407-884-2208 IP 5003210 or  denise.delapaz@ocps.net

This weekly update is provided to help inform residents of upcoming active work areas. Residents are asked to use caution near construction areas and understand that weather or other unforeseen conditions could affect this schedule.

For concerns or questions, please contact Lisa Mark at 321-917-1716 or Lisa.Mark@QCAusa.com. Thank you!

HOA President's Message
December 10, 2023
To all Sweetwater West Residents:

I have been remiss in not publishing a Quarterly President's letter every Quarter this year, and for that I apologize.

You will be pleased to know that the Board has not raised the HOA Assessments for 2024, even in the face of substantial cost increases in goods and services. In order to achieve this, the Board has had to reduce expenses wherever possible.  If you haven't yet, you should be receiving your HOA Assessment coupon book and the 2024 Budget.  

The Septic to Sewer Conversation is FINALLY substantially complete.  Hopefully operations will be concluded in December.  We thank all of you for your patience during this stressful time.  The Board decided not to pursue sod, and other landscape violations during this period.  Starting this month, all residents should replace dead grass not related to construction activities, remove weeds, replace dead shrubs or diseased shrubs, and make repairs to or clean your mailboxes.  
The Covenants require that every lot have at least 3 trees, not bushes.  Also, the Covenants require that an ARB Request including a landscape plan be submitted prior to tree removal.  As we all know, ARB Requests are required prior to making any changes to the landscape and the exterior of your home, including fences, sheds and painting.

The Board has decided to change the Guest/Vendor access code to the Wekiva Road Gate Entrance in January.  The existing code will be left in effect for 1 month following the installation of the new code.  You will be receiving an email from Sentry Management and posted on the secure portion of our Website to give you adequate advance notice.

Our Webmaster has decided to retire from her position. Jennifer has worked in this position diligently on behalf of the Association.  She was instrumental in the long-needed update to our website.  Her services will be sorely missed.  Jennifer has provided a Job Description for the Webmaster position.  If anyone is interested in volunteering for this position or reviewing the Job Description, please contact me.  Again, we thank Jennifer for all she has done.

And as Christmas is fast approaching, we wish all our resident's a time to gather with family and friends during this Holiday Season. 

Happy Holidays from all your Board members.

Robert Richcreek
President, SWW HOA

Sweetwater West Road Closure 
October 24, 2023
Please know Northfield Drive will be closed for paving activities today (10/24) and paving tomorrow (10/25) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
If you have questions, please contact Lisa Mark directly by email: Lisa.Mark@qcausa.com.

Irrigation Meters
October 17, 2023
I was advised this morning, that OCU is installing all resident's irrigation meters.  This installation is expected to be completed today.
This will allow you to run your irrigation system to water your new sod and lawns.

Bob Richcreek
HOA President

Orange County Sheriff's Investigation
July 23, 2023
Sweetwater West Residents, just an FYI that there are 2 older juvenile residents that have been advertising that they are selling cell phones. They tell the buyer to meet them at a different address then where they reside in the neighborhood. When the buyer arrives, the juveniles grab their money and take off. 

Orange County Sheriff’s Department is conducting an investigation and has a case number. If you see someone hanging around the front of your residence that isn’t familiar to you just maybe this might be the next victim to the boys cell phone scam. The boys ride up on bicycles drop them prior to their chosen residence and wait for the buyer to arrive. 

Bob Richcreek
HOA Board President