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EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 9, 2014, any home purchased after this date can only be purchased for single family home occupancy use by the new owner. Absolutely No Rentals.
Need gate access to show "For Sale" inventory to prospective buyers?
Contact: Contact Jo Ann Donaldson, Sr. Community Association Manager, jdonaldson@sentrymgt.com, 407-788-6700 Ext. 51222.

Latest News
Sweetwater West Construction Update
December 10, 2023
THIS WEEK: Work will be ongoing Monday through Saturday morning. Crews will continue filling in holes
and grading for sod. The soil in your yard will not be evened out until grading. Sod is currently being
installed. The watering truck continues to water the new sod. Also, repairs as required are in process.
Milling and paving may occur.
For all repair items including pavers, sprinkler adjustments, and mailboxes damaged due to construction,
the restoration plan will address each home individually in turn, unless there is an urgent issue. The Orange
County Utilities Inspector Mark Boger will be overseeing this process. Homeowners will be contacted
sometime after sod installation and the irrigation meter connection.
If you have a broken irrigation pipe, sprinkler head, or other damage due to construction, please
contact me and I will notify the contractor of the needed repair. Please feel free to follow up on repair
progress. Irrigation repairs by an irrigation specialist will not be reimbursed. If you have a high water bill
resulting from a break due to construction, please reach out to me for an Orange County Utilities Leak
Adjustment form.
As there was an unexpected delay in the installation of the requested irrigation meters, impacted
customers will receive a credit on their account for the estimated usage during this delay. The credit will
be calculated based on a three-month average consumption utilizing the new irrigation meter.
OCPS SCHOOL BUS ROUTE: Orange County Public Schools Transportation has designated one stop in the
community at the corner of Sweetwater Country Club Drive and Sweetwater West Circle. To allow for
school bus movement and visibility, please do not park near the bus stop. If needed the OCPS
Transportation Area Manager Denise Delapaz in Apopka may be contacted at 407-884-2208 IP 5003210 or
This weekly update is provided to help inform residents of upcoming active work areas. Residents are asked
to use caution near construction areas and understand that weather or other unforeseen conditions
could affect this schedule.
For concerns or questions, please contact Lisa Mark 321-917-1716 or lisa.mark@qcausa.com Thank you!

Sweetwater West Road Closure 
October 24, 2023
Please know Northfield Drive will be closed for paving activities today (10/24) and paving tomorrow (10/25) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
If you have questions, please contact Lisa Mark directly by email: Lisa.Mark@qcausa.com.

Irrigation Meters
October 17, 2023
I was advised this morning, that OCU is installing all resident's irrigation meters.  This installation is expected to be completed today.
This will allow you to run your irrigation system to water your new sod and lawns.

Bob Richcreek
HOA President

Orange County Sheriff's Investigation
July 23, 2023
Sweetwater West Residents, just an FYI that there are 2 older juvenile residents that have been advertising that they are selling cell phones. They tell the buyer to meet them at a different address then where they reside in the neighborhood. When the buyer arrives, the juveniles grab their money and take off. 

Orange County Sheriff’s Department is conducting an investigation and has a case number. If you see someone hanging around the front of your residence that isn’t familiar to you just maybe this might be the next victim to the boys cell phone scam. The boys ride up on bicycles drop them prior to their chosen residence and wait for the buyer to arrive. 

Bob Richcreek
HOA Board President