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EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 9, 2014, any home purchased after this date can only be purchased for single family home occupancy use by the new owner. Absolutely No Rentals.
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Contact: Ramona Leccese, Property Manager at 407-788-6700 ext. 51406

Latest News
Sweetwater West Construction Update
Week of June 4, 2023
This weekly update is provided to help inform residents of upcoming active work areas. Residents are asked
to use caution near construction areas and understand that weather or other unforeseen conditions
could affect this schedule.
THIS WEEK: Work will be ongoing Monday through Sunday.
Lime rock grading is expected on Valley Pine, Misty Ridge, Barnwood Place, Longhill Drive, Silver Valley
Court, and Golden Pine Court with concrete curb and sidewalk work to follow. Paving is scheduled for
Grassy Ridge, Valley Pine Circle, and Misty Ridge Court.
Sewer service connections are planned on Sweetwater West Circle between Northfield Drive and
Sweetwater Country Club Drive, and Grassy Ridge Lane.
Driveway access may be impacted at homes located on the following roads:
 Grassy Ridge Lane
 Golden Pine Court
 Silver Valley Court
 Valley Pine Circle
 Branch Hill Court
 Misty Ridge Court
UPCOMING ACTIVITIES: Roadway reconstruction continues. When road construction is near your home,
the crew will alert you to move your vehicle if vehicle access is needed. Please note that vehicles may
drive without an issue on the road base material.
After the service connection is completed, the septic tank will be “abandoned” in the next 1-2 weeks
following the connection. Sod installation will occur at the end of the project. The watering truck will
provide dust control throughout the day.
IRRIGATION UPDATE AND DAMAGE DUE TO CONSTRUCTION: Given the focus on roadway work, sidewalk
and service connections, in addition to the fact that the project will be in the residents’ yards two more
times in the near future, irrigation repairs will be prioritized. Broken pipes/leaks will be addressed soonest.
Adjustments to sprinkler heads and minor repairs will occur later in the project. If you have a broken
irrigation pipe, sprinkler head, or other damage due to construction, please contact Lisa Mark
(contact info below) who will notify the contractor of the needed repair.
TRASH PICKUP: If construction activity on your street could inhibit the trash truck, you may want to move
the container to facilitate access. The construction team has been helping with this as well. If you are
concerned about container mix-ups, you may want to mark your container for easy identification. I was
told each container should have a unique serial number.
WASTE/YARD WASTE PICKUP: If your trash, recycling, or yard waste is missed, please call the Orange
County Solid Waste Hotline at 407-836-6601 to request a pickup. Issues may also be reported via Orange
County’s 311 phone number.
OCPS SCHOOL BUS ROUTE: Orange County Public Schools Transportation has designated one stop in the
community at the northwest corner of Sweetwater County Club Drive and Sweetwater West Circle. To
allow for school bus movement and visibility, please do not park near the bus stop. If needed the OCPS
Transportation Area Manager Denise Delapaz in Apopka may be contacted at 407-884-2208 IP 5003210
or denise.delapaz@ocps.net.
For concerns or questions, please contact Lisa Mark at 407-338-3650 or lisa.mark@qcausa.com. This
number does not receive texts. Thank you!

Valley Pine Circle Residents to Not Use Irrigation for Now
May 9, 2023
The road construction contractor is having significant delays to roadway work. The excess water from irrigation systems is making the base material too soft to put the lime rock down. We are asking residents on Valley Pine Circle to not use any irrigation until the lime rock is down (hopefully by Friday, May 12). Residents will be advised when they can resume irrigation. Thank you for your cooperation.

Sweetwater West Project Update
May 3, 2023
I have been advised by Orange County Utilities that work on the project will be on a 7-day work week schedule until project completion.  Orange County and Prime Construction apologize for any inconvenience this change in schedule may cause.  

Bob Richcreek